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A large percentage of our web sites are in Drupal. Drupal is an open-source Content Management System. It provides the structure for delivering your content via a website and enables your functionality. This functionality can range from a simple user sign up with a buyer's cart to data workflows based on complex business logic. We have done it all with Drupal. Our practice started in 2009 with Drupal 6. Since then, we have worked on several migration projects from D6 to D7, or from another platform into Drupal. To facilitate migrations, we have written tools we use to estimate and plan out a migration project. Now we are into Drupal 8 and we help migrate D7 sites into D8, as well as transition sites between different platforms. Our expertise in Data helps tremendously when we deal with large content volumes and/or complex data structures, as we are able to write custom migration suites on top of the existing open source tools. We also use WordPress and web-dev platforms based in Java, Python, and JS.  


Data projects can entail a wide range of technologies and often have quite different objectives. It can be Big Data with a technology stack based on Hadoop or Spark and ETL architecture for optimal acquisition and access. We also frequently work with smaller data volumes, that fit in RAM and require parsing, analysis, trend identification,.. whatever clients seek from their data. Risk management, trading data, modeling, clustering, trends identification,- these are some of the data mining projects we have helped our clients with. We have worked with Health data, including EHR and HL7, Natural Language data, stock and financial, and numerical data requiring number crunching (e.g. creating a regression model, PCA, statistical analysis, and the like). Open source Blockchain technologies is another type of data-intensive, distributed structure, projects we support. We speak MatLab and R. Our data applications are typically in Java or .NET. There is also C++ in our portfolio with blazing speeds. 


While it often makes sense to use a third-party service, its integration into an existing IT landscape can be a challenge. It requires solid knowledge of data formats, protocols, transport across networks, and a good amount of hands-on experience in integration. We have set up -and built anew- systems that combine multiple third-party services into a single IT organizational context. We help our client to make an informed decision on when and what to integrate, and when it is wiser to rely on custom build infrastructure. Documentation and training is key to maintaining a competitive IT infrastructure and we make a point of keeping up with both. Ultimately, we try to put as much integration structure “under the hood” to provide a smooth and time-efficient customer experience, with the options to customize, swap parts and tune up a system.


Our strategy in Web Dev is to find the best match between the client's web site and a technology to support it. We factor in the ease of maintenance. Some sites call for lighter platforms, sometimes as simple as pure HTML5, like this one. Others require an industrial scale backend to support intense traffic and complex logic. Here is a list of technology platforms we have utilized recently in our Web Development.
  • Java: Spring & Hibernate;
  • .NET;
  • Python;
  • Perl;
  • HTML5;
This is an incomplete list, as our developers adopt new platforms and our technology stack grows.

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